Friday, October 25, 2013

Adventures with Projectors

Because I'm never at the forefront of trends and such, I only just found out about Lighting Projectors. Turns out they're pretty rad, and quite easy to use, if occasionally a little counter-intuitive. The important things to remember is to use quite a dim windlight setting, a non fullbright backgroundage, and um....um....be awesome? I don't know, I figured out most of it myself - you makes a prim, go to the Features tab, check Light, and then in the second box, you can click in it and choose textures from your inventory, to project. Then play around with the various settings, move your prim around, and make pretty pictures, yay!

The images in this post were all taken against a plan white background, using ordinary textures I had lurking in my inventory, and have not been edited except a bit of cropping and the addition of frames.

My outfit credits can be found in today's LotD post, except for my Candy Corn friend, who is by silentsparrow and can be got in Calico Ingmann's Pumpkin Hunt 

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