Monday, June 30, 2014



Hair (and hat): Spellbound - Hecate - Natural Selection
Top: Sn@tch - Althea Crop Top - Purple
Pants: Alyce - Skinny Pants
Shoes: Pixicat - GeishaShoes High - White
Bracelet: Junbug - Filigree Bracelet
Eyes: Kooqla - Z-Eyeliner - Black 2
Lips: Nomine - Lip Tint - Peach
Nails: Action - Brighton

Saturday, June 28, 2014


I took off my Slink Physique and now I feel odd and lumpy :( But I wanted my clothes, dammit!


Hair: Lamb - Siren - Bloods Pack
Top: Fashionably Dead - Crew Crow - White
Skirt: Wertina - High Waisted Skirt - Grass
Footie thingies: ZOZ - Tiffany Socks - Pearl
Necklace: Ear Candy - Double Drop Necklace
Eyes: Mock - Bora Bora Rock Bottom Smokey with Gloss
Lips: Mock - Lip Creme - Grape Crush
Nails: Cannibelle - Cameo Nails

Friday, June 27, 2014



Skin: Face:  Essences - Tila - Pale 02 (At The Dressing Room Fusion 41) Body: Slink Physique Base Skin - Anise
Hair: Damselfly - Brandell - Dark Reds
Dress: Frou Frou Salad - Summer Dress - Mango
Sandals: Wimey - Beat Up Sandal - Tanned
Choker: [I took it off and now I can't remember and you can hardly see it anyway, sorry]
Nails: Zoz - Tiffany Velvet Polish

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

lotd250614 - Slink Physique is here and it's amazing!

Slink Physique, the highly anticipated fitted mesh body from Slink was released today, and just omg. It's so wonderful. I nearly cried when I tried it on. It's like, it's my shape but BETTER. With knees and a belly button and shoulder blades that aren't all pokey. It's so so so so so nice. I can't enthuse enough about it.
It has its limitations, for instance, you will pretty much NEED appliers for it, because there's no tinting, although it comes with a few nice tones. Pink Fuel hasn't released appliers yet, hence the choker I'm wearing to cover the very tiny seam. The only other problem about it for me is the alpha hud system, which hides out parts of the body. It needs like....more. I've found a lot of clothing, mostly strappy, which I can't get a good combination with. But with an inventory the size of mine, that's not too much of a sticking point!


Skin: Face: Pink Fuel - Harley - Crystal (past group gift) Body: Slink Physique Base Skin - Anise
Hair: Exile - Secret Summer - Rouge
Top: Osito - Strappy Top - Map
Shorts: Boom - Estate Shorts - Sunshine
Flip-flops: Slink - Aussie Thongs - Black
Choker: Room 34 - PacMan Choker
Nails: Envie - Summer Fun


This is Cooter. He is in absolutely no way relevant to this blog post. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


I bought additional boobs. It was foolish of me. Actually it was supersmart of me, because these new boobs are wonderful and designed to be worn small. They're Sinful Needs' Venus Deyn Breasts - part of a line which also has "normal" big implants, and some CRAZY big titties too. They are fitted mesh like the new Tangos, so they can be sized and flung about as you wish, within limits, there are three versions included, and they're super-perky and laden with options. I find I have to jig about with the repeats of clothing textures on them because I have stupid broad shoulders, but that's easily done with the included HUD. Oh and and and, they work with all appliers for Lolas boobies, so that's awesome. And they come with nice realistic physics, too. The join on them is rather less perfect than on the Lolas, I find it a lot more noticeable, even with the correct appliers, and I've tried various subtle tinting to try to alleviate the problem but it doesn't really work. So boo on that. But possibly if you're less pale than me it'll be less noticeable? Anycase, these are rad. And *cough* these have a demo.

I'm still a fool for buying two sets of mesh boobs in the space of 3 days though.


Hair: Tableau Vivant - Learner Hair - Equinox (at Creation.jp event)
Top: Sn@tch - Gretel Corset Top - Blue
Jeans: Casa del Shai - Slim Jeans Mesh - Black
Shoes: Tulip - Buckled Wedge Sandal - Dual Clay
Necklace: Redux! - Santa Muerte Cameo Necklace - Silver - Black (gacha)
Hair bow: Noodles - Kiss the Girl Bow (gacha)
Boobies: Sinful Needs - Fitmesh Breasts - Venus Deyn - Modest
Eyes: Belleza - Eyeliner 5
Lips: Redbird - Pinup Lips 3
Nails: Beauty by Alaska Metro - Slink Manicure/Pedicure - Deep Sea 

Friday, June 20, 2014



Hair: Ploom  - Raichu
Top: Baiastice - Marina Shirt - Sicily
Skirt: The Sea Hole - Painted Desert Mini - Desert Sky
Shoes: Emporium - Straps Shoes
Belly ring: Sn@tch - Jewel Belly Rings - Diamond Bow
Lips: Random Matter - Glossy Chapstick - Mercury
Bindi: Nylon Outfitters - Bindi - Blue
Nails: Action - Brighton

Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Hair: Saltgrass - Lancy - Reds
Dress: Overhigh - Candy Sky - Original (at TDR Collection 40)
Jacket: Sakide - Denim Loose Jacket (flared) - Blue
Shoes: Fri.day - Wayfaring Sandals - Black (at June 2014 Collabor88)
Necklace: Yummy - Ball Chain Necklace - Happy Face
Cigarette: Bloody Mess - Lousy Rolled Cigarette 
Eyes: Random Matter - Aislinn Shadows V1 - Peasey
Lips: Angelica - Your Lip Gloss - #3 Cherry
Nails: ZOZ - Foil Tips Spring
Tattoos (upper):  Leti's Tattoos - Goddess of Flowers - 50%
Tattoo (leg): silentsparrow - Wing-ed Hearts Vintage Tattoo

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LotD180614 (with added boobsize!)

I have a terrible habit of buying boobs. I don't actually wear mesh boobs. I actually prefer the somewhat flat-chested look. Even so, I've bought some pre-mesh giant boobies, Tangos and Puffies.Which I never ever wear. Partly because I can't get them to look right, my avatar being on the small side and me generally not wanting giant zeppelins strapped to my front. I'm just compelled to buy them and marvel at how much they don't really look right on me at all.
Today though I found out about the shiny new Lolas Tango Delicq, which are fitted mesh, and I really, really like them. They're still more boob than I'm actually comfortable wearing on an everyday basis, but they fit pretty much seamlessly, and shrink down pretty nicely (although not much more under 20 pts) and they work with physics, which are something I'd completely forgotten about, so now my too-big boobies can jiggle. It's nice and fun but I wish there'd been a demo because DANG that's a lot of money to drop on a novelty. Meanwhile, here I am with some chest.


Hair: Magika - Habit - hud 2
Top: sn@tch - Bindi Top - Seafoam
Corset: sn@tch - Wanderer ribbed Corset - Black
Pants: Cog & Fleur - Djinn Dreams - Turquoise
Shoes: Lassitude&Ennui - Alisha Lace Booties - Black
Ears: Schadenfreude&Balderdash - Fey Ears - Ethereal
Boobs: Lola's - Tango Delicq
Eyes: Adored - Sura Shadow - Cerulean
Lips: Mock - Lucir Lipgloss - Into the Pink
Nails: Flair - Set 177

Monday, June 16, 2014



Hair: Saltgrass - Adelaide - Reds
Top: Fashionably Dead - Crop Top - Tribal Pattern 6
Shorts: [In]sight - Plaid Pocket Shorts
Boots: LavandaChic - Comic Style Boots - Yellow
Hat: Schadenfreude - Angsa Straw Hat - Ribbon
Bag o' Pig: Schadenfreude - This Little Piggie Wiggie Went to Market (Arcade June 2014)
Eyes: Fashionably Dead - Sedgwick Makeup (eyes only)
Lips: Nomine - Magpie Lipstick - Lipstain Coral
Nails: Bella Elephante - Cruel Summer

Friday, June 13, 2014



Hair: Magika - Thoughtful - 02
Top: Sn@tch - Devani Tank - Blue
Skirt: Pesca - Lace Cotton Skirt - White
Shoes: Sax Shepherd - Fairy Tale Tease - Cinderella
Necklace: Deco - Pearls in a Rush - Super Kawaii
Eyes&Lips: Chelle - Frenching Charlotte
[worn over]
Lips: Pink Fuel - Harley Lipstick - Beestung
Nails: Flair - Set 182

Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Hair: Truth - Sakura Hair - Reds (Arcade June 2014)
Dress: LavandaChic - Indian Dress - Violet/Turquoise
Shoes: Ingenue - Paola Flats - Cerulean (Arcade September 2013)
Eyes: L.Fauna - Deep Shadow - Gold
Lips: Dead Apples - Balm Stains - Classic Red
Nails: A:S:S - Sparkle Daisy

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What's your Digits? 2014

I missed the last two What's Your Digits-ing, due to general idleness. I enjoyed the original one though, making many tweaks to my own shape taking inspiration from others' digits, and generally growing as a person. It was neat, and I look some different to how I was back then. The biggest changes I've made between then and now fall into two categories: Proportion, and Concessions for mesh clothing. With fitted mesh becoming more widespread, I hope soon to revert to the latter category some. Shrinking my boobs down some, and putting more meat on my bones. I miss my belly.

Onto Strawberry Singh's questions about fitted mesh, to go with this meme:

What are your thoughts about Fitted mesh?:
I'm quite excited. It allows me just that little bit more flexibility in how I can have my shape. Right now I still wear my shape for normal mesh mainly, but I have one on standby with some of my older shape traits that I needed to give up, which makes me happy with fitted mesh.

Have you tried any of the new fitted mesh avatars released by Linden Lab? What do you think of them?
They're horrible. I'm very very very anti. I think they're a massive step backwards for new players, and will make Second Life more difficult to adapt to. They're lacking in any kind of customization options, it's like LL have said "This is your avatar" rather than letting the user define who they want to be. And they um...don't really look that good at all. They don't look like us, they look like something ported in from another game. I absolutely hate them and think they were a terrible mistake.

Have you tried any fitted mesh avatars/bodies created by residents?
I've tried WowMeh, I really really like it, in theory. I love the smoothness of it, and how turning up the various sliders increases curve, rather than just adding lumpy muscle bulk. In practice, though, there's just not enough out there for it. I'm attached to still being able to use some of my system clothes, and the system that hides parts of the body for wearing mesh clothing still needs a lot of refining. I'm looking forward deeply to the upcoming Slink Physique, which will hopefully be as widely supported by creators as the hands and feet I love so much.

Have you tried a mesh head? What are your thoughts about mesh heads?
They're not for me. I've demo'd, and just, no, they're not me. They look very pretty mostly and I welcome to wide range of fun expressions a lot of them have, like Slink Visage, but I don't want to look just like everyone else. I don't want to look just exactly like everyone else, even if everyone else is really really pretty, and I don't want to look like someone else's vision of what really really pretty is. I've been working on my shape continually for 7 years now. It's me.

Do you foresee a lot of changes to our current Second Life avatars because of fitted mesh?
I think most of the changes in this area will be due to mesh bodies becoming available, rather than the fitted mesh clothing. It's going to give us all a lot more flexibility to have some variety, I hope, and if nothing else, the fitted mesh bodies are prettier than the default.

Hair: Pr!tty - Jolie - Reds
Pasties: silentsparrow - Sugar Pop Pasties - Licorice
Panties: Schadenfreude - Black and White Frilly Panties
Nails: Action - Nouveau
Lashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies

Wednesday, June 4, 2014



Hair: Koy - Tart - Reds
Dress: Goth1c0 - Vintage Sailor Ponti Dress
Shoes: Ingenue - Lydia Slingbacks - Cherry Polka
Necklace: Whippet & Buck - Little Bit of Pretty (ribbon tinted)
Eyes: Mock - Glitter Pop Eshadow - Ohmaidamn
Lips: Dead Apples - Balm Stains - Bubbles
Nails: Beauty by Alaska Metro - Candy Apple

Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Hair: Elikatira - Pretend - Red 8
Top: Mutresse - Rali Shirt (from June FaMESHed)
Pants: Casa del Shai - Polkadot Jeans - Champagne
Cape: Peqe - Cape - Green (from Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Sandals: Pure Poison - Roman Striped Sandals
Armband: Idril's - Herbalist Armband
Bracers: On a Lark - Butterfly Bracers - Ultrarare Fatpack (from Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Dagger: Thigh Dagger Upper Left Thigh (resized) by Catboy Qunhua
Eyepatch: La Petite Morte - Eye patch - Yellow Roses
Dragony Friend: silentsparrow - Dragon Plush - Toothish (RARE) (from June Aracde Gacha Festival)
Eyes: Mons - Eyeshadow Dramatic Smokey - Pop
Lips: Pink Fuel - Harley Sheer Gloss - Dolly Orange
Nails: Action - Reckless
Tattoos: silentsparrow - tenebrae tendrils - Black ink - light