Monday, June 23, 2014


I bought additional boobs. It was foolish of me. Actually it was supersmart of me, because these new boobs are wonderful and designed to be worn small. They're Sinful Needs' Venus Deyn Breasts - part of a line which also has "normal" big implants, and some CRAZY big titties too. They are fitted mesh like the new Tangos, so they can be sized and flung about as you wish, within limits, there are three versions included, and they're super-perky and laden with options. I find I have to jig about with the repeats of clothing textures on them because I have stupid broad shoulders, but that's easily done with the included HUD. Oh and and and, they work with all appliers for Lolas boobies, so that's awesome. And they come with nice realistic physics, too. The join on them is rather less perfect than on the Lolas, I find it a lot more noticeable, even with the correct appliers, and I've tried various subtle tinting to try to alleviate the problem but it doesn't really work. So boo on that. But possibly if you're less pale than me it'll be less noticeable? Anycase, these are rad. And *cough* these have a demo.

I'm still a fool for buying two sets of mesh boobs in the space of 3 days though.


Hair: Tableau Vivant - Learner Hair - Equinox (at Creation.jp event)
Top: Sn@tch - Gretel Corset Top - Blue
Jeans: Casa del Shai - Slim Jeans Mesh - Black
Shoes: Tulip - Buckled Wedge Sandal - Dual Clay
Necklace: Redux! - Santa Muerte Cameo Necklace - Silver - Black (gacha)
Hair bow: Noodles - Kiss the Girl Bow (gacha)
Boobies: Sinful Needs - Fitmesh Breasts - Venus Deyn - Modest
Eyes: Belleza - Eyeliner 5
Lips: Redbird - Pinup Lips 3
Nails: Beauty by Alaska Metro - Slink Manicure/Pedicure - Deep Sea 

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