Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Mesh body: WowMeh Silhouette - Pink Fuel appliers (with body freckles!!! :D)
Hair: Little Bones - High (Flower Crown) (@Project Limited)
Top: Willow - Scalloped Shirt - Ghost (tinted)
Skirt: Pixicat - TheDark Skirt 
Shoes: Ingenue - Pickford Heels - Mist
Friends!: Silentsparrow - Roo Rat - Magic (RARE)
              Schadenfreude - Wombat - Magic (RARE) (both @ Where The Wild Things Are)
Eyes: Elska - Eyeliner - Doubled Up (@ N21)
Lips: Okkbye - Marina Lippies - Nude
Nails: ZOZ - Wet Nails - Lilac
Freckles: Pekka - Dark Freckles + Star Upper Cheek
Image 1: Flash Friendly Poses - T8UH 006 - edited with Animare - Plus Roo Rat hold animation
Image 2: EverGlow - Model325

Monday, July 28, 2014

lotd280714 - In Which Niv is Small

For reasons literally unknown besides a certain degree of boredom, last night I bought myself a Todleedoo mesh body, and tweaked a version of my shape to childishness. It was a fun evening I spent in which I also braved the last few hours of Hair Fair to grab this special Todleedoos-only hair, did a hunt  and checked out the events I found on Seraphim Kids and quickly got myself looking somewhat presentable and cute.
I don't suppose it's something I'll really pursue, not least because I don't see my BFF Persephone Paine going for it and I don't know anyone else to hang out and play with and it's no fun being an adorable lonely child.
But I am unquestionably completely adorable.


Mesh body: Cute Bytes - TodleeDoo - KidGirl
Hair: Olive - The Darla - HUD2
Top: Turnips - Stud - Polka Tank
Skirt: Soken Kids TD - Summer Layered Mini Skirt (Summer Dreaming Hunt)
Shoes: Bijoux - Stache Sneakers
Ears: Schadenfreude - Changeling Ears
Lashes: Action - Natural Lashes - Burgundy

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Every year I buy bandanas and then forget that it's Bandana Day when it's Bandana Day, because I suck a little bit. But not so this year! Here I am all bald and things, all day, on today, which is the last day of Hair Fair 2014, and also Bandana Day as is the tradition.
All the proceeds from the sale of bandanas and some proportion of all the hairs goes to the charity Wigs For Kids, but most of us at least tangentially have known someone child or adult who has suffered hair loss via some sort of medical something, and with these bandanas we can like, honour them and stuff in whatever way by putting aside our trillions of hairs and getting a bit less fuzzy. Plus everyone's done such a wonderful job making them all pretty. 
These are my favourites this year:

Saturday, July 26, 2014



Hair: Exile - After The Rain - Sparkle Blonde (1L at Hair Fair, one more day to go there!)
Top: Has Been - Boardwalk Swimsuit - Nautical
Shorts: Le Primatif - Jean Loose Shorts - Blue Ombre
Sandals: Lassitude&Ennui - Kitty Sandals - Teal/Gold
Glasses: Bubble - Heart Glasses - Star Mint
Necklace: Tea.S - Mint Cone Necklace - Gold
Ice Cream: Katat0nik - Ice Cream Bar - Fox
Eyes: Buzzeri - Late Nite Shadow - Obsidian
Lips: Buzzeri - Late Nite Lips - Cosmopolitan
Nails: Wicked Peach - Watermelon Nails

Friday, July 25, 2014

Obligatory Hair Fair 2014 Post! Part Five: The End.

With only two days remaining of Hair Fair 2014, if you haven't gone already, omg, go*! Here's my last post 
of my favourites from this year's awesome hairy extravaganza.
*don't go if the reason you haven't gone yet is because you don't want to. Then you're excused. Weird, but excused.


Fashionably Dead - Momo: Before I started playing Second Life, whenever I created a character in anything, she'd basically have this hair. Shoulder-length, center parted, wavy in a kind of messy way. My brains looks at that style and goes "yes, that's me", even though my hair isn't in the least bit wavy. My brain is dumb like that. I also really love the richness of Fashionably Dead's textures, this red makes me happy.
Ploom - Carrie: Reminds me of an old ETD hair I had that I used to wear all the time, except for one little detail that just delights the hell out of me. At the front left, where that one strand goes up and over  the part across the forehead, when traditionally it'd go neatly under. That little crossover bit there, that is amazing, I love it up.
Ploom - Honey: I actually completely avoided the whole Lady Gaga-based hairbows fad of a few years ago, so for me this is a sweet and fresh take on a formal-ish updo. Plus this is a little more dainty and compact, which is cute. The band is included and has a HUD to change the metal and the colours of the blossoms on it.
Ploom - Plasma: A classic long wavy style with rounded rockabilly pinup bangs. It can be worn with or without the adorable bow, which as above is HUD controlled, and comes in a billion colours and polkadots and such. If I wasn't a redhead, I could even Minnie Mouse my bow up in red with white polkadots.


Exile - Young and Beautiful: I don't know what it is about this hair, maybe it's the placement of the hairline or the crown of the head, but I really do look young and beautiful in this hair. Like, in a tiny babyfaced Selina Gomez sort of way. It's kind of entirely lovely.
ExXeSs - Libussa: While ExXeSs isn't a new brand for me (I remember doing a writeup for their stuff for a fashion show way back in 2008), I only discovered that they do hair like, a month ago, which really suggests I should pay more attention, because this hair is really nice. It has a good dynamic energetic feel to it without being like a "special effects" hair. The reds pack here had like 30000 different shades of red, a really wide spectrum, plus fades and dips, which was really nice, and the hair clip is also texture-change.
MaiOwn - Lizz: I have to admit, what initially drew me to this hair was the incredible shade of blue in the demo and the vendor pic. Seriously, that bluey tealy fade down into brown is like.....wow. I, however, am a redhead, and I have no regrets about my choice, blue or not, it's an excellent style, with good volume and an unusual structure.
Little Bones - Pavillion: I have been loving Little Bones so hard lately. I bought this style without even demoing it, I was just like "okay, Yes" when the vendor pic finally rezzed. So the little braid behind the left ear was a wonderful surprise when I actually did try it on when I got home.

Finally, Wasabi Pills - Midori: Beautiful ringlet curls, and braids next to the face 5eva. Gets to be on it's own because I bought a number of hairs not divisible by four, and also because I was blinking when I took this pic, which makes her look tired, which is what I also am at the end of these posts.

Outfit Credits for this and my other four Hair Fair posts:

Mesh body: WowMeh - Silhouette
Top: Sakide - The Basic Tank - White
Pants: Sakide - EveryDay Mesh Jeans - Black 
Eyes: Adore&Abhor - Mix and Match Eyes (tinted pinkish)
Lips: Angelica - Your Lip Gloss - #8 Sheer
Nails: Senzafine - Spellbound - Magick 06

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Obligatory Hair Fair 2014 Post! Part Four: Prep-hair yourself?


Ane - Sienia: Ane, best known by me for their shoes, clothes and accessories (including mouse ears!) made their hair debut at this years Hair Fair, with three excellent offerings. The first, Sienia, is a bouncy mid-length style, full at the top and wispy at the bottom, and reminds me of hair just let down from an updo.
Ane - Buns: Perfectly executed piggie buns. By this point it should be obvious that I pretend I know a thing or two about such things. This is my favourite of Ane's styles, I like the realistic way the hair is pulled close to the head, and the few loose strands escaping from the buns. I think this hair is amazing <3
Ane - Tails: With this hair, which is a loose pigtails version of Buns, I've worn the separate Bangs add-on to mix things up a little. I dig add-on bangs, they can completely transform the way a hairstyle looks with just a simple change.
Pr!tty - Kloe: I constantly love how Pr!tty's hairs look on me. Rather aptly, they just make my avatar look pretty. They don't have too much volume to make them all puffy or anything, they're just natural, soft styles which frame the face beautifully.


Pr!tty - Lanna: I really like Pr!tty's heavily-rooted textures - though I have tinted a light grey for these pictures to make it a little less bright. Lanna comes with an "optional strand" here at the front so it can look like I have an awesome streak in my hair, or, if I prefer, not!
Tram - D523: Tram is another store I always need to tint the hair from to get anything near my shade of red - in this case a similar salmon sort of shade than I use for Clawtooth hairs. I really love the slightly-too-short bangs of this hair, which I suppose I'm seeing a pattern of for me and my purchases. Hah. I'm getting predictable.
Tram - D522: Here is a perfect illustration of what I was saying before about how bangs alter a look so much. This is the same style as the above D523, but without the bangs, and it has a wholly different feel to it, framing the face all long and oval like that. In RL, this sort of pulled-back style is about as advanced as I get with my hair, and this is very similar to my RL hair.
Pr!tty - Rae: Another gentle, flattering, sleek style by Pr!tty. My best friend when I was a kid's middle name was Rae, and she hated it but I always though it was an awesome name. Her hair was nothing like this. True story.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Obligatory Hair Fair 2014 Post! Part Three: So Many Hairs!


Blues - Annie: Blues made its shiny debut at this years Hair Fair. With the same owner as Okkbye, whose fresh-faced cosmetic items I am a fan of, Blues hair has a very cute, natural, easy-to-wear feel about it, realistically messy and casual. This first hair, Annie, with its little tiny ponytail, makes me feel a bit like Jim Hawkins in Disney's Treasure Planet. This is a good thing.
Blues - Rosalie: I'm a sucker for this kind of style, and for straight bangs. As is the fashion these days, Blues hairs come with the different colours on a HUD, and here I'm wearing one of the brighter reds included, as I felt befit the style more.
Clawtooth - Cherry Bomb: I remember the first year Clawtooth was in Hair Fair, when Clawtooth was still super-obscure. It makes me feel kind of old.  Cherry Bomb is a comfortable shirt wavy style with a short parting. It's nice. I should note that I always tint Clawtooth hairs. In my pictures seen here I'm actually wearing Red Eye Flight tinted a pale salmon colour.
Blues - Emilia: This is my favourite of the Blues hairs I bought. I am completely in love with the awkward little straight-cut bangs it has. It's got a delightfully mid-90s feel to it.


Clawtooth - Color Me Pretty: This is the kind of hair Clawtooth does best, lush, thick-looking, long wavy styles. Can never have enough lush, thick-looking long wavy styles from Clawtooth.
Lamb - Nothing: This is a versatile short style by Lamb, who I bought a few styles from this year. A nice thing about this hair is that the shorter part can be either removed for a part-shaved look, or even coloured differently from the rest of the hair as I have done here. It could also probably be worn on its own but I fear that would look silly.
Lamb - Sacred: This is a classic Lamb style, I think I have an old version or something very similar in sculpt. I'm very happy to have a mesh version of it, because I completely dig this.
Lamb - Dream On: I am as much a sucked for a good twin braid style as I am piggie buns. I love how these have a slightly wonky aspect to them, they put me in mind of my own somewhat sideways attempts at doing anything at all with my hair in RL.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Obligatory Hair Fair 2014 Post! Part Two


Alice Project - Adore: I didn't buy Alice Project hair for ages.Well. For a few months. This is because I'm kind of dumb and got myself all confused over how the new textures worked. Luckily, Alice Demonia explained it to me the other day and it's not complicated at all and everything is good now! I just need to buy the "Infinity" pack to still be able to use this shade of red. And I'm so glad, because now I can get back to buying styles like this, which 1. falls beautifully, and 2. has options on the HUD for streaks, and I love to express my secret wish for blondeness through streaks!
Ayashi - Hanako: An Asian-ish bun with straight-cut bangs, what I love best about this style is the ringlets to the side. The hair sticks are colour change and can also be hidden, adding versatility to this innocent style. Ayashi is a store that was new to me, and I like how they mix anime style with more realism on their ads, for wider appeal.
Amacci - Coco: I tend to associate Amacci with those flowing flexi-alpha styles of 2010-ish, which it turns out is wrong of me, because the styles they've put out for Hair Fair 2014 are nicey-made, modern mesh, so I should take a second look at them. Coco was for me at first just another cute piggie buns style (which has a version with or without bows) until Persephone pointed out that the placement and shape of the buns made it like Mouse Ears hair. And so how could I resist?
Alice Project - Airedine: Airedine is a variant on the earlier-mentioned "Adore" (the names are connected, if you know your SL stores!), with the long straight hair behind the shoulders this time. The bangs are separate and have a non-rigged version too so you could mess with the length of them if you so desired, but I'm a sucker for pin-up style straight bangs like this.


LeLutka - Charlene: I bought every hair LeLutka put out this Hair Fair. I may have a problem. Charlene is a cool ponytailish thing with like braids and a little knot at the end and feathery bits at the side and it's really pretty. Also worth noting, while the shade I'm wearing (Jessica) is much less red than I normally like, it's the basis of all the hairs I wears, because LeLutka's hairbase in Jessica is my One True Love.
LeLutka - Christine: It's like I'm Hera or something. I don't even know when I'd wear this, but I adore it and will buy Ancient Greek dresses and such just for an excuse.
LeLutka - Francine: A nice slightly loose updo, casual enough to just wander round wearing, but nice enough to have with a nice evening dress of some kind. That beautiful big hairpin was very unfortunately placed for my traditional elf ears though. My left ear stuck directly through it, and needed to be removed. A brutal price to pay to wear a hair, but a fair one.
LeLutka - Coleen: This hair I can't even. It's just a work of art. It's got so much depth to it. I want to grab it and crinkle it because it looks so perfectly real. It really is a technical masterpiece.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Obligatory Hair Fair 2014 Post! Part One

Yesterday, Persephone Paine of Dressing In Pixels and I fought our way into Hair Fair. We rode the little "prim bus" around and I drove because I'm bossy cool because that's my favourite part of Hair Fair each year. Other than the hair.

And such hair I got.

We got around two of the four sims before our funds/energy ran out. But I still got enough hair to span many, many blog posts.

Here are some of them, in roughly alphabetical order!

Saltgrass - Denize: I was fortunate enough to receive this as a review copy. Saltgrass, a relative newcomer, offers a huge amount of really nicely-done textures in each HUD-controlled style, I believe they're definitely a brand to keep an eye on. Denize is a lush side-parted layered style, casually tossed over one shoulder, with a few flyaways and a nice wave to it. 
ArgraceMinami: I have a hat like this in RL! In fact, I'm wearing it in my RL pic in my inworld profile! It doesn't say Argrace on it though. And my hair wasn't red when that picture was taken. But other than that. It's totally like me! Woo yay!
Argrace - Kanade: A companion style to Minami, this has a super-adorable little braid over the shoulder, and cute little wavies around the face. I didn't used to be able to wear Argrace hair because they didn't have a red that suited me, so I'm incredibly glad this has changed in recent years, their hat-hair in particular can't be beat. And, a dragon is wearing my RL cowboy hat now. So I needed this.
Saltgrass - Raleigh: Another luxuriously thick wavy style from Saltgrass, this one is centre parted and takes especially well to the on-trend ombre textures we're seeing so much of lately.

Atomic - Darling: I don't remember seeing this one in the Demo group, this was my first unplanned purchase. A very youthful mid-length style, Darling includes a rigged and unrigged version, and the dainty bow is texture change in a range of colours. Atomic's reds pack is a little more Natural than I would normally wear, but has a very wide range of shades in it, ranging from a pale strawberry blonde to a very deep mahogany, though, so that's cool.
Olive - Alice: On the other end of the scale, Olive, whose reds in my preferred pack (Pack 2) are very very bright. And I like that! But I'll probably tint these a light grey to tone them down for everyday wear. I love the placement of the bangs on Alice, the style frames my face beautifully, and the locks of hair themselves have a nice wave to them.
Olive - Anna: This is one of the few very long styles in SL that doesn't look kind of silly. The way the hair falls and lightly tangles is gorgeous. Until about 6 months ago, my hair RL was about this long, buuuut, it did not look as pretty at this. 
Olive - Crystal: A wavy midlength thingy. A very very very long time ago in SL, I had a style from Naughty that was like this and I loved it with all my heart. I have a total weakness for longish wavy styles with a centre parting like this. As a sidenote: I want to wear ALL of Olive's textures, alllll the time. They're such fresh, beautiful colours. 

Friday, July 11, 2014



Hair: Magika - Give
Top: R3 - Kelsey (at Rhapsody)
Skirt: Goth1c0 - Punk Puppet Tutu Skirt - Black
Shoes: Emporium - Straps Shoes
Necklace: Noodles - Lightbulb Necklace - Silver
Belly ring: Ellabella - Self - Gran - Stomach
Nose ring: Ellabella - Helene - Rainbow
Eyes: Lolapop - hya Eyeshadow Tattoo
Lips: VCO Skin - Hee Lip Tattoo - Pink Tint (at The Seasons Story)
Nails: Flair - Set 187

Wednesday, July 9, 2014



Hair: Ploom - Ouch (at Summerfest '14)
Top: Ionic - Lace Crop Top - White (at The Chapter Four)
Skirt: Sakide - Nuance Folkded Skirt - Black - Gradient
Shoes (hidden but I'm wearing them forrealz): Schadenfreude - Spandau Ballet Flats
Facial piercings: Ellabella - Vaeface
Belly piercing: Ellabella - Hope - Silvered 
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Andromeda
Eyes: Mons - Eyeshadow Glamorous -Red
Lips: Angelica - Your Lip Gloss - #9 Juicy
Nails: Bella Elephante - Misery Business

Tuesday, July 8, 2014



Hair: Little Bones - Year in Lists (at The Chapter Four)
Dress: Le Fil Casse - Coachella Bound - Hippie Love Dress - Lake (at Oh My Gacha)
Shoes: Zaara - Janya Jeweled Sandals - White Turquoise
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Fay Malla Wooden Necklace - Group 2
Bangle: Sleeping Koala - Metal Flower Bangle Stack
Glasses: Yummy - Captain's Aviators - Gold
Eyes: Mock - Glitter Pop eShadow - Patina Spectacular
Lips: Pink Fuel - Harley Sheer Gloss - Light Coral
Nails: Beauty by Alaska Metro - Merlot

Monday, July 7, 2014



Skin: Essences - Galadriel - Pale 01 (at We <3 RP)
Hair: Alice Project - Sydnee
Dress: Has Been - Rosie Dress
Shoes: Lassitude&Ennui - Fey Sandals - Princess 
Hair bow: Noodles - Girly Duck Bow
Necklace: LaGyo - Alice Necklace
Nails: A:S:S - Unicorn 
Parted lips/Teeth: DeeTalez - Prim Teeth Braces

Sunday, July 6, 2014



Hair: Wasabi Pills - Annette - Rouge
Dress: Coquet - County Rd 22 - Blue
Chewing straw: Footpaw Industries - Straw Nom
Chicken Friend: silentsparrow - Little Brown Hen 
Dirt tattoo: Two Cats - Dirt Overlays
Foot dirts: 7 Mad Ravens - Dirty Feet Slink Appliers
Nails: Action - Urban

Friday, July 4, 2014

lotd040714 - Vicarious Americations

You can tell from the way I write my dates that I'm a huge fraud.


Hair: Elikatira - Past - Red 8
Top: Sn@tch - Rollergirl Tank - USA
Skirt: Fashionably Dead - Full Spring Skirt - Red
Shoes: Fri.day - Moxie Heels - Sailor Dots
Mouse Ears!: FLUX - Americana Ears 10
Earrings: Earthstones - Mesilla Earrings - Independence
Scarf: Izzie's - Little Silk Scarf - Blue
Sparkler: Plethora - Sparkler - Stars and Stripes
Eyes: Vive Nine - Sure Shocker Thick Eyeliner - Navy
Lips: Mock - Ruby Ruby Lipshine
Nails: PMD - Americana Nails

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A long response about hips

This post started out as a reply to a comment made on Google+ about this post, essentially wondering "What's the deal with the shattered pelvis look in Second Life?".
That response ran SUPERLONG, as evidenced below, and so I decided to make it into a blog post. You're all so welcome.


Well, while I can't speak for the more extreme and deliberate examples, I can theorize that there's a number of reasons why it's showing up more lately.

Firstly, real-life trends. The mainstream fashion of the last few years has tended to accentuate not just the hips, but the entire upper-abdomen, with high waistlines and fitted styles around the hips, with a lesser emphasis on the chest (these trends are echoing the late 80s/early 90s, which in turn were inspired by the late 40s-mid50s, because fashion will cycle like that, usually as an adaptation of the current young generation's parents' young fashion).
Secondly, there lately is a greater degree of body acceptance in women, and a rise of curvier women in the media. Kim Kardashian's popularity is an obvious example of this, but likewise the rise in prominence of South American aesthetics has risen through latin women, and the natural body shapes of many black women coupled with this are all contributing factors to the fact that currently, womanly curves are in, even for us pale girls.

Now, Second Life mirrors and expands on real world trends in many ways, but it also has the ability to exaggerate those trends, which is a partial explanation for what you might see in the fashion postings lately, but it's not the full story.
The other part of it is the limitations of the Second Life avatar mesh itself, which is highly outdated, having been in use since Second Life's first days, 11 years ago. The designers of that mesh could not have hoped to foresee the visual advances content creators have made in that time.
The limitations in shapemaking with regard to the current trends are as follows: Simply adding weight ("Fat") to the avatar leads to highly undesirable results, dramatically altering the look of the face, and bypassing the concept of curves, and running straight to what I would describe as stoutness. So to achieve the "curvy" effect, we need to use some of the other sliders at our disposal.
The "Saddlebags" slider is useful but unglamourously named and comes with its own limitations, which I will come to later. Which leaves us with the "Hip Width" slider. The Hip Width slider works by setting the legs further apart on the avatar skeleton, rather than adding extra flesh. On a normal human woman, this would be balanced by bigger thighs, but of course each body part is treated more or less separately, so changing the hips has no effect on the legs. Sadly, there's no leg fat slider, only "Leg Muscle", which has a very small range of usablilty, between famine-victim thin with knobbly knees, and weird square balloons. So most women have little choice but to keep their legs between around 30 and 60 points, which does not fit nicely on the broad hips required for the desired silhouette.

In traditional proportion, a woman's pelvis is supposed to correspond roughly to the width of her shoulders, approximately the same or wider. For an hourglass shape then, with the top half of the figure being about the same as the bottom, with a slim waist, to have the avatar's thigh's touching as with a human woman, the absolute smallest the Hip Width can be is around 30 points. That's with the shoulders at 0, and the legs at the thinnest they can be before they deform. And it looks bad. So the broader the shoulders, the broader the hips need to be, and the broader the hips are, the bigger the gap, and not everyone wants to be a twig. This issue is exacerbated even further when you try for the currently-fashionable Pear Shape, which I personally tend towards.

So initially these were just the constraints we needed to work within to achieve a curvy figure, but as with many things, it became adopted and embraced as a stylized preference in Second Life, just like the ultra-frowny mouth, and tiny-tiny hands. To whit, designers of mesh clothing will often essentially build this trait in to their clothing, so that even those with an "ideal" shape end up with thinner, further-apart legs than their avatar's true shape. Previously I mentioned the Saddlebags slider. Previously this was the best way to add extra size to hips, however, with standard rigged-mesh clothing, this slider was not taken into account, and so Saddlebags needed to be taken down to accommodate many clothings waistlines. Now Fitted Mesh is on the scene, things are not much improved, since from what I can tell as a non-creator, the Saddlebag area is considered as much a "bone" as anything else, and becomes incredibly exaggerated accordingly (as was the case in my original post's photo, plus the "built-in gap" the pants already had).

Though there are numerous other factors I could touch on, including the influences of certain styles of comic-book and anime artwork, and male expectations of the female shape (for instance, the importance of the "box gap"), these are the main technical/societal factors in the matter as I, a non-expert, see them.

Apologies for the long and rambling nature of this post, I am not an essayist by nature, but since it was asked, I figured I would give it my best shot as a proper answer.


Hair: Saltgrass - Lancy - Reds
Top: Schadenfreude - Skelebeater - White Noir
Knickers: Sakide - Slide Panties - Dino
Shoes type wotsits: Noodles - Harmony Peace Foot Rope - Gold
Nails: Action - Nouveau

Tuesday, July 1, 2014



Hair: Spellbound - Sunday w/scarf
Dress: Tres Blah - Fluffy Dress - Watercolors
Shoes: Sax Shepherd Designs - Fairy Tale Tease - Snow White
Necklace: Noodles - Key to my Heart - Silver
Ears: Schadenfreude - Electro-Spook Fey Ear
Eyes: Fashionably Dead - Bardot Makeup
Lips: Angelica - Your Lips Gloss - #4 Sentimental
Parted Lips/Teeth: Okkbye - Parted Lippy - Shading Beige
Fingernails: Flair - Set 66
Toenails: Flair - Set 182