Monday, July 28, 2014

lotd280714 - In Which Niv is Small

For reasons literally unknown besides a certain degree of boredom, last night I bought myself a Todleedoo mesh body, and tweaked a version of my shape to childishness. It was a fun evening I spent in which I also braved the last few hours of Hair Fair to grab this special Todleedoos-only hair, did a hunt  and checked out the events I found on Seraphim Kids and quickly got myself looking somewhat presentable and cute.
I don't suppose it's something I'll really pursue, not least because I don't see my BFF Persephone Paine going for it and I don't know anyone else to hang out and play with and it's no fun being an adorable lonely child.
But I am unquestionably completely adorable.


Mesh body: Cute Bytes - TodleeDoo - KidGirl
Hair: Olive - The Darla - HUD2
Top: Turnips - Stud - Polka Tank
Skirt: Soken Kids TD - Summer Layered Mini Skirt (Summer Dreaming Hunt)
Shoes: Bijoux - Stache Sneakers
Ears: Schadenfreude - Changeling Ears
Lashes: Action - Natural Lashes - Burgundy

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