Thursday, July 17, 2014

Obligatory Hair Fair 2014 Post! Part Two


Alice Project - Adore: I didn't buy Alice Project hair for ages.Well. For a few months. This is because I'm kind of dumb and got myself all confused over how the new textures worked. Luckily, Alice Demonia explained it to me the other day and it's not complicated at all and everything is good now! I just need to buy the "Infinity" pack to still be able to use this shade of red. And I'm so glad, because now I can get back to buying styles like this, which 1. falls beautifully, and 2. has options on the HUD for streaks, and I love to express my secret wish for blondeness through streaks!
Ayashi - Hanako: An Asian-ish bun with straight-cut bangs, what I love best about this style is the ringlets to the side. The hair sticks are colour change and can also be hidden, adding versatility to this innocent style. Ayashi is a store that was new to me, and I like how they mix anime style with more realism on their ads, for wider appeal.
Amacci - Coco: I tend to associate Amacci with those flowing flexi-alpha styles of 2010-ish, which it turns out is wrong of me, because the styles they've put out for Hair Fair 2014 are nicey-made, modern mesh, so I should take a second look at them. Coco was for me at first just another cute piggie buns style (which has a version with or without bows) until Persephone pointed out that the placement and shape of the buns made it like Mouse Ears hair. And so how could I resist?
Alice Project - Airedine: Airedine is a variant on the earlier-mentioned "Adore" (the names are connected, if you know your SL stores!), with the long straight hair behind the shoulders this time. The bangs are separate and have a non-rigged version too so you could mess with the length of them if you so desired, but I'm a sucker for pin-up style straight bangs like this.


LeLutka - Charlene: I bought every hair LeLutka put out this Hair Fair. I may have a problem. Charlene is a cool ponytailish thing with like braids and a little knot at the end and feathery bits at the side and it's really pretty. Also worth noting, while the shade I'm wearing (Jessica) is much less red than I normally like, it's the basis of all the hairs I wears, because LeLutka's hairbase in Jessica is my One True Love.
LeLutka - Christine: It's like I'm Hera or something. I don't even know when I'd wear this, but I adore it and will buy Ancient Greek dresses and such just for an excuse.
LeLutka - Francine: A nice slightly loose updo, casual enough to just wander round wearing, but nice enough to have with a nice evening dress of some kind. That beautiful big hairpin was very unfortunately placed for my traditional elf ears though. My left ear stuck directly through it, and needed to be removed. A brutal price to pay to wear a hair, but a fair one.
LeLutka - Coleen: This hair I can't even. It's just a work of art. It's got so much depth to it. I want to grab it and crinkle it because it looks so perfectly real. It really is a technical masterpiece.

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