Thursday, July 24, 2014

Obligatory Hair Fair 2014 Post! Part Four: Prep-hair yourself?


Ane - Sienia: Ane, best known by me for their shoes, clothes and accessories (including mouse ears!) made their hair debut at this years Hair Fair, with three excellent offerings. The first, Sienia, is a bouncy mid-length style, full at the top and wispy at the bottom, and reminds me of hair just let down from an updo.
Ane - Buns: Perfectly executed piggie buns. By this point it should be obvious that I pretend I know a thing or two about such things. This is my favourite of Ane's styles, I like the realistic way the hair is pulled close to the head, and the few loose strands escaping from the buns. I think this hair is amazing <3
Ane - Tails: With this hair, which is a loose pigtails version of Buns, I've worn the separate Bangs add-on to mix things up a little. I dig add-on bangs, they can completely transform the way a hairstyle looks with just a simple change.
Pr!tty - Kloe: I constantly love how Pr!tty's hairs look on me. Rather aptly, they just make my avatar look pretty. They don't have too much volume to make them all puffy or anything, they're just natural, soft styles which frame the face beautifully.


Pr!tty - Lanna: I really like Pr!tty's heavily-rooted textures - though I have tinted a light grey for these pictures to make it a little less bright. Lanna comes with an "optional strand" here at the front so it can look like I have an awesome streak in my hair, or, if I prefer, not!
Tram - D523: Tram is another store I always need to tint the hair from to get anything near my shade of red - in this case a similar salmon sort of shade than I use for Clawtooth hairs. I really love the slightly-too-short bangs of this hair, which I suppose I'm seeing a pattern of for me and my purchases. Hah. I'm getting predictable.
Tram - D522: Here is a perfect illustration of what I was saying before about how bangs alter a look so much. This is the same style as the above D523, but without the bangs, and it has a wholly different feel to it, framing the face all long and oval like that. In RL, this sort of pulled-back style is about as advanced as I get with my hair, and this is very similar to my RL hair.
Pr!tty - Rae: Another gentle, flattering, sleek style by Pr!tty. My best friend when I was a kid's middle name was Rae, and she hated it but I always though it was an awesome name. Her hair was nothing like this. True story.

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