Friday, July 25, 2014

Obligatory Hair Fair 2014 Post! Part Five: The End.

With only two days remaining of Hair Fair 2014, if you haven't gone already, omg, go*! Here's my last post 
of my favourites from this year's awesome hairy extravaganza.
*don't go if the reason you haven't gone yet is because you don't want to. Then you're excused. Weird, but excused.


Fashionably Dead - Momo: Before I started playing Second Life, whenever I created a character in anything, she'd basically have this hair. Shoulder-length, center parted, wavy in a kind of messy way. My brains looks at that style and goes "yes, that's me", even though my hair isn't in the least bit wavy. My brain is dumb like that. I also really love the richness of Fashionably Dead's textures, this red makes me happy.
Ploom - Carrie: Reminds me of an old ETD hair I had that I used to wear all the time, except for one little detail that just delights the hell out of me. At the front left, where that one strand goes up and over  the part across the forehead, when traditionally it'd go neatly under. That little crossover bit there, that is amazing, I love it up.
Ploom - Honey: I actually completely avoided the whole Lady Gaga-based hairbows fad of a few years ago, so for me this is a sweet and fresh take on a formal-ish updo. Plus this is a little more dainty and compact, which is cute. The band is included and has a HUD to change the metal and the colours of the blossoms on it.
Ploom - Plasma: A classic long wavy style with rounded rockabilly pinup bangs. It can be worn with or without the adorable bow, which as above is HUD controlled, and comes in a billion colours and polkadots and such. If I wasn't a redhead, I could even Minnie Mouse my bow up in red with white polkadots.


Exile - Young and Beautiful: I don't know what it is about this hair, maybe it's the placement of the hairline or the crown of the head, but I really do look young and beautiful in this hair. Like, in a tiny babyfaced Selina Gomez sort of way. It's kind of entirely lovely.
ExXeSs - Libussa: While ExXeSs isn't a new brand for me (I remember doing a writeup for their stuff for a fashion show way back in 2008), I only discovered that they do hair like, a month ago, which really suggests I should pay more attention, because this hair is really nice. It has a good dynamic energetic feel to it without being like a "special effects" hair. The reds pack here had like 30000 different shades of red, a really wide spectrum, plus fades and dips, which was really nice, and the hair clip is also texture-change.
MaiOwn - Lizz: I have to admit, what initially drew me to this hair was the incredible shade of blue in the demo and the vendor pic. Seriously, that bluey tealy fade down into brown is like.....wow. I, however, am a redhead, and I have no regrets about my choice, blue or not, it's an excellent style, with good volume and an unusual structure.
Little Bones - Pavillion: I have been loving Little Bones so hard lately. I bought this style without even demoing it, I was just like "okay, Yes" when the vendor pic finally rezzed. So the little braid behind the left ear was a wonderful surprise when I actually did try it on when I got home.

Finally, Wasabi Pills - Midori: Beautiful ringlet curls, and braids next to the face 5eva. Gets to be on it's own because I bought a number of hairs not divisible by four, and also because I was blinking when I took this pic, which makes her look tired, which is what I also am at the end of these posts.

Outfit Credits for this and my other four Hair Fair posts:

Mesh body: WowMeh - Silhouette
Top: Sakide - The Basic Tank - White
Pants: Sakide - EveryDay Mesh Jeans - Black 
Eyes: Adore&Abhor - Mix and Match Eyes (tinted pinkish)
Lips: Angelica - Your Lip Gloss - #8 Sheer
Nails: Senzafine - Spellbound - Magick 06

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