Sunday, January 10, 2016

To Badly Go?

This isn't a proper post, this is something from a few days ago and it wasn't even me and you can't blame me and hey shut up okay? Uh anyway what's actually happened here is, my cousin Nikki wanted some pics for her blog which is here: http://babeindreamland.blogspot.co.uk/ and so me and my dear Lyra (who doesn't blog, no link for you) got our geek on to help out. 

Who am I kidding? We always have our geek on.

These classic Trek uniforms we're all rocking are by Heirloom Treasures at the Kid to Kid event, and come in TD Baby and Kid size, and include shoes, which ain't half bad. The set we're using is DRD's Sci Fi Studio from a gacha, and is quite Adult, so we're not using the poses from it >.>
I am not cut out for a Command position...

Other than that, stalk Nikki's blog for her post, because her pictures came out better than mine and because she's neat-o.

Credits will be crap today because SL is broken, wheeeee! 

Nivaya's Credits:

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Rei (@ Uber)
Outfit: Heirloom Treasures - Final Frontier - Command (@ Kid to Kid)
Set: DRD - Sci Fi Studios Set (gacha)

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