Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I am not good at late December. I just get this whole post-Christmas malaise, last year I just stopped blogging after Christmas day, and didn't pick it up again until like, May? I'm trying not to do that this year. But it's such a weird time. You spend so much of December amassing stuff in green and red and stripes and snowflakes and tinsel and lights and then there's a whole big day of woo yay peace-on-earth-and-goodwill-to-all-men and presents and tangerines and then it's back to life as normal and it makes my head feel weird. It's like, there's still months of winter to go, but that stuff just doesn't feel right in late December. It feels like that stuff is done with and we should be getting ready for Spring already. I dunno. I just don't know what to do with it. 

^ that's what happens when I let myself ramble. Sry.

One thing that does give the last week of December a bit of structure is New Years and the implication therein of partying. So here's this nice dress, Lets Dance, by Precious Designs. It comes with a colour change HUD with 7 different colors for the top, and there are also matching shoes, which I am not wearing here, but they are pretty sexy and have a spectacularly high heel. Yes, even higher than what I'm wearing now.What I am wearing right now are ieQED's Coral Loafer in Tinsel Tree, which straddle the line between classy and enormously tacky so elegantly that I can't even. Not shown in my pics in the insane sky blue the soles of these shoes are. I love them.

My hair is part of a very generous Christmas group gift from Little Bones. You get 5 different styles, and a HUD with 8 different shades of the Holiday Dips, that is to say, the red and green tips you see here. 
My ears, fill me with deep guilt and make me feel like I'm cheating. I've been wearing Allegory Malaprop's Fey ears since they first came out, nearly 5 years ago. But then everyone on Plurk was showing these Mandala ears, with their decorated tips and all the options they have and ommmmggggggg. They really really are beautiful, just gorgeous, they have 3 shape options, human, pixie and elf, and for a limited time at The Mens Dept, they're also I think half price? Rendering them an unmissable bargain. I still reserve the right to feel like a traitor for wearing them though.

These nails are also an excellent bargain tho. When I was at Nova Bodyshop the other day, they were half price, 25L, for like 10? 12? different red/white and red/black designs, and there's a monochrome set for the same price too. 
With my unsureness of how to decorate, I did another pass at this round of Liaison Collaborative. Looook at the sweet little paper town, complete with flickering tealights inside by Alouette. It's a gacha but with no Rares, so I was able to amass the entire town relatively quickly. By coincidence, Paper Towns is also my favourite John Green book. Just sayin.


Hair: Little Bones - Nightingale - Holiday Dips 
Dress: Precious Designs - Lets Dance
Shoes: ieQED - Coral Loafer - Tinsel Tree
Table: anc - NOEL - Feather Table - Cocoa (gacha @ The Liaison Collaborative)
Paper town: Alouette - Paper Church/Paper Barn/Paper Small House 1/2/Paper Tree (gacha @ The Liaison Collaborative)
Eyes: Mons - Eyeliner Glitter - Green
Lips: #adored Bodyshop - Blossom Lips Redux - Cherry (med)
Nails: Nova - Red Claws
Image 1: Lalochezia - Fetch 1
Image 2: Izumiya - Pose M12
The Basics:
Skin: Pink Fuel - Doll v2 - Vamp
Eyes: Buzzeri - Lillian Eyes - Jade
Mesh Body: Slink - Physique
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5 (@ The Mens Dept)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat (R) and Casual (L)
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet - Med
Hairbase: LeLutka Hairbase - Jessica
Freckles: Pekka - Dark Freckles + Star Upper Cheek
Lashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies

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