Monday, February 2, 2015


The excellent Leaf on the Wind fundraiser (which I blogged here) event ended a couple of days ago, culminating in the Million Linden Party, during the course of which, the fundraiser's ultimate total of one million L$ was reached, plus a few, for a full total of L$1,018,699. This money will go to the amazing and sweet Scarlet Chandaryan of Alouette, for her bucket-list trip to London (and maybe a little over for Disneyland Paris!). I went to said party, and had a wonderful time hanging out with assorted wonderful people I know from Plurk and this is more or less what I wore:

First I have to talk about this hair, because omg. This hair. I QUESTED for this hair. It all started innocently enough when I was doing Fifty Linden Friday Kids, on Friday, and one store I was at also had a yardsale, which, being a compulsive sort of person, of course I checked out. There was a boxed hair without a picture, so I googled it, and INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE. Alas, the hair in the yardsale was not my colour. So I took to the Marketplace, which is my sekrit weapon for getting gacha stuff. The "Used Items" category there often yeilds what I'm looking for before I have to start schlepping all over the yardsales. this time though, it let me down, and so the schlepping commenced. I like to find my yardsales by simply typing into search the name of the item I'm looking for. I guess there's something in the Search that indexes objects that are there in the area or something? Because quite often it works very well, especially on more obscure items. And via this method, I found copies of the hair in colours to suit both Persephone Paine and hyasynth Tiramisu, and gifted them accordingly, because ugh, omg, this hair - and both of them tried to help me find it. So good. But nothing in my colour, anywhere. I was trying different variations of my search terms, and just finding myself at the same locations over and over, I tried at the mainstore, I tried searching for the event it had been in (and I'd shopped that event! I remember it! TAG gacha! How did I miss this hair?!), I teleported around for hours looking for this damn hair. Eventually, as can be surmised by me wearing the hair, I found a sale which had it, and for a great low price, and then, when I started looking around that sale, found another vendor also had it, twice, for 10L less than I had paid for it too! So yeah. I really like this hair. You'll be seeing it again on me. 

As for the rest of my outfit: The top is an Omega applier by Arise, from Fi*Fridays, the skirt by Gato from the most recent round of My Attic, which you've just missed, I'm sorry I'm lazy and don't post things when I intend to! I'm also sorry (but totally not sorry) that I wear this lipstick by Nox so much. But it's amazing, with the gold cupid's bow and sheer but bold colour. I think this is my third time wearing it for a post now. But always different colours, because I'm cool. 
My tattoos I've actually also worn before on this blog, but previously only one sleeve. That's a feature that I miss from the Slink Physique body that the Maitreya Lara doesn't have. The ability to wear individual arms of a tattoo - or omit them entirely! My bag is by Ane and was at Leaf on the Wind, and my boots are sn@tch, from one of their amazing Fish For This outfits, but are available separately too. 

Finally for my decor, what could be more stereotypically British (when celebrating an event for a trip to London) than tea? Well tons of things, WE'RE ABOUT MORE THAN THE TEA, YOU KNOW. But anyway I've never had an excuse before to use these lovely Tres Blah Tea Time bits and pieces from some Arcades back. Yardsales, yo.


Hair: Spellbound - Velvet - Merlot (gacha) (eventually found @ Epic Gacha Market East
Top: Arise - Solid Tank - Grey (Omega applier) (@ Fi*Fridays)
Skirt: GATO - Snake Skirt - Mint
Boots: Sn@tch - Mosh Pit Combat Boot - Black
Bag: ANE - London Purse - Brown
Table: Second Spaces - Snow Day Table - White
Teacup and Teapot: Tres Blah - Tea Time - Tea Cup/TeaPot (gacha)
Lips: Nox - Drama Lips - Mocha
Nails: Dark Horse Style - Chevrons
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Dione (Omega applier)
Image 1: Label Motion - Set#2 Pose 5
Image 2: Imeka - Violet Pose 3
The Basics:
Skin: Pink Fuel - Doll v2 - Vamp
Eyes: Buzzeri - Lillian Eyes - Jade
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears - Season 5
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat (R) and Casual (L)
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet - Med
Hairbase: LeLutka Hairbase - Jessica
Freckles: Pekka - Dark Freckles + Star Upper Cheek
Lashes: Beetlebones - Mesh Lashes - Minimalist

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