Monday, August 8, 2016

lotd080816 - Pokemon OG

Like most of the universe, I have been playing Pokemon Go and having a lovely time at it. Three guesses what team I...well. Yeah. It's a given really. It's the most Hufflepuff of all the PoGo teams for sure! But I've been playing Pokemon almost since the start. ALMOST. My first was Pokemon Yellow, which ties in nicely with Instinct. I guess Gen 1.5, I've been playing since. On my I think Pokemon Y Black 2 card, I've got a full living Pokedex, all 650 pokemon who existed up to that point, transferred painstakingly from games going back to the era of GameBoy Advance. 

I'm pretty cool. (this is a lie)

So, onto what I'm wearing here! My t-shirt is one I actually have in RL, albeit in a rather more form-fitting size. It (the SL version) is from Vicarious Youth, upon whom I became somewhat dependent in the period I was an SMB-sized child, but for a lot of her stuff she actually offers a LOT of sizes, for instance this baggy tee includes standard sizes for male and female adults, big kids, and toddleedoo kids. It's a really nice comfortable fit. 

The majority of my accessories here are from a gacha by Astralia at the Manga Fair 2016, which features pokedex thingies, visors, belts, pokeballs and so on, in all the team colors plus Jigglypuff pink, and some rather fantastic Rare backpacks. 

My boots are by Schadenfreude, and are actually rather festive snowboots, but I felt like they served me better for the idea of hiking around a forest hunting Pokemon than the high heeled sandals I was wearing before! 


Hair: Wasabi Pills - Marceline
Shirt: Vicarious Youth - Baggy Tee - Instinct Academy
Shorts: Tee*fy - Anja Shorts - Stripes
Boots: Schadenfreude - Miche Boots
Visor: Astralia - The Perfect Trainer - Visor - Yellow (gacha @ The Manga Fair 2016)
BackpackAstralia - The Perfect Trainer - Little Yellow Power (gacha @ The Manga Fair 2016)
RadarAstralia - The Perfect Trainer - Radar Devide - Yellow (gacha @ The Manga Fair 2016)
Stump: shine by [ZD] - Tales from the forest- Tree stumps (gacha)
Pokestop: Nyandemonium - Pokestop 
Lips: Angelica - Cherry Lips #5 (gacha)
Nails: Figure - Pokeball Nails set
Image 1: bang - stand549m (edited with AnyPose)
Image 2: GlamRus - Laney 04

The Basics:
Skin: Pink Fuel -  Harley V2 - Porcelain
Eyes: Buzzeri -  Glacier Eyes- Jade
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat (R) and Casual (L)
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet - Deluxe
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears - Season 5
Hairbase: Just Magnetized - Natural Hairbase - set 03
Freckles: Pekka - Dark Freckles + Star Upper Cheek
Mudskin - Face Mole 6
Lashes: Fatelashes 2.0
Brows: Buzzeri - Nikohl Eyebrow - Lighter Tintable
Various tattoo layers:
Nova - Eyebags - Light / 50%/Hard
Okkbye - The Button Nose

Thursday, August 4, 2016

lotd040816 - Yo Ho

Last week I helped out at Richmond Survival Camp. Well "helped out" might be too strong a phrase. Mostly I sort of stood around and occasionally said stuff. It was nice. This is what I wore that whole time. I had vague notions of changing my outfit from time to time but then I was like, nah.

The majority of my outfit is from a gacha by FDD Stories, which was in last year's pirate-themed Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I bought it all on the Marketplace because...I wanted it all.
The hat is from the Alchemy gacha which was at the same event last year, as was, I'm relatively certain, the necklace by ieQED. So the moral of the story is, time travel back to that event for all your pirate needs!

Credits to follow