Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Rainbow Parts: Coral

Week 2 of Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color - Part Deux was Coral. To be perfectly honest, Coral is a colour that doesn't exist for me, in Real Life or Second Life. I'd even go so far as to say it's a colour I actively avoid. It's a disaster with my real-life complexion, and within Second Life, I'm quite um...well....I don't like Coral! It a combination of two colours I don't care for (pink, and light orange) and when I was a young thing, my mother had a necklace made of real coral and it was very very pointy and uncomfortable to wear.
So I went into this particular challenge all bad-natured and fairly lost-ish. I came out of it a bit of a convert to the Coral cause. Not a whole lot of one, and not outside of Second Life, but I won't avoid it as much in future. Maybe.

One of my most invaluable recent(ish) purchases was the Greedy pack of Jane's Sheer Layers. I like the option of wearing stuff under stuff to hide my bits, and when the pack calls itself "Greedy", it's not kidding, there's like, one of EVERY colour in there. Even ones I avoid. This is technically "melon", but, near enough. Over it, the top is from an ancient dress from Versteck, one of my historical favourite stores, who amazingly still maintains a tiny tiny presence in Second Life. I like it when that happens. Too many of my old favourites are gone forever. It makes me feel very old. The tights I've had since forever, from a tiny obscure Japanese shop that no longer exists, and although you can't really tell from here, are decorated with random flowers and stars and fun stuff. The shoes with socks there are from Crazy,  store I only discovered recently on my quest to dress less like a missionary, and bought lots of shoes/boots from but no clothes. True story. And the skirt is from Sn@tch, because, dude, you can't beat Sn@tch for fairly-priced basic awesomeness. It reminds me of kale chips. That's a good thing. Kale chips are delicious. You should eat some.

Skin: Tres Blah - C88 - Pale - Adored Redux
Hair: Elikatira - Again - Red 8
Top: Versteck - Prairie
Undershirt: Jane - Sheer Layers - Melon
Skirt: Sn@tch - Tought Luck skirt - Green
Tights: *yamy* See-throught Tights - Brown
Shoes (socks included): Crazy - Vanity Sandals
Necklace: Mocha - Charm Necklace - Cat
Lips: Mock - Brazen Bronze Lipstain
Nails: Sexy Mama's - Glitter Manicure Sculpted Nails

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