Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Obligatory Hair Fair 2014 Post! Part One

Yesterday, Persephone Paine of Dressing In Pixels and I fought our way into Hair Fair. We rode the little "prim bus" around and I drove because I'm bossy cool because that's my favourite part of Hair Fair each year. Other than the hair.

And such hair I got.

We got around two of the four sims before our funds/energy ran out. But I still got enough hair to span many, many blog posts.

Here are some of them, in roughly alphabetical order!

Saltgrass - Denize: I was fortunate enough to receive this as a review copy. Saltgrass, a relative newcomer, offers a huge amount of really nicely-done textures in each HUD-controlled style, I believe they're definitely a brand to keep an eye on. Denize is a lush side-parted layered style, casually tossed over one shoulder, with a few flyaways and a nice wave to it. 
ArgraceMinami: I have a hat like this in RL! In fact, I'm wearing it in my RL pic in my inworld profile! It doesn't say Argrace on it though. And my hair wasn't red when that picture was taken. But other than that. It's totally like me! Woo yay!
Argrace - Kanade: A companion style to Minami, this has a super-adorable little braid over the shoulder, and cute little wavies around the face. I didn't used to be able to wear Argrace hair because they didn't have a red that suited me, so I'm incredibly glad this has changed in recent years, their hat-hair in particular can't be beat. And, a dragon is wearing my RL cowboy hat now. So I needed this.
Saltgrass - Raleigh: Another luxuriously thick wavy style from Saltgrass, this one is centre parted and takes especially well to the on-trend ombre textures we're seeing so much of lately.

Atomic - Darling: I don't remember seeing this one in the Demo group, this was my first unplanned purchase. A very youthful mid-length style, Darling includes a rigged and unrigged version, and the dainty bow is texture change in a range of colours. Atomic's reds pack is a little more Natural than I would normally wear, but has a very wide range of shades in it, ranging from a pale strawberry blonde to a very deep mahogany, though, so that's cool.
Olive - Alice: On the other end of the scale, Olive, whose reds in my preferred pack (Pack 2) are very very bright. And I like that! But I'll probably tint these a light grey to tone them down for everyday wear. I love the placement of the bangs on Alice, the style frames my face beautifully, and the locks of hair themselves have a nice wave to them.
Olive - Anna: This is one of the few very long styles in SL that doesn't look kind of silly. The way the hair falls and lightly tangles is gorgeous. Until about 6 months ago, my hair RL was about this long, buuuut, it did not look as pretty at this. 
Olive - Crystal: A wavy midlength thingy. A very very very long time ago in SL, I had a style from Naughty that was like this and I loved it with all my heart. I have a total weakness for longish wavy styles with a centre parting like this. As a sidenote: I want to wear ALL of Olive's textures, alllll the time. They're such fresh, beautiful colours. 

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