Monday, November 2, 2015


Ohai, remember when I used to blog? Yeah, me either, but here I am, smaller than ever! Various changes have occurred, various busy-ness and family-ness and other excuses, which have led me to decide to switch my the focus of my blog to kids stuff, since I've been a grownup, idk, 5 times since I last posted back in August. So if you were here for the occasional sideboob I'd throw out there, soz, you're out of luck, I'm cute now.

So yesterday I went to a party, which isn't as rare an occurrence as it used to be, and it was a Dia de los Muertos party and seriously, any excuse to dress for that (see: last year). Added to that, the single biggest thing I miss now that I'm mostly a kid, is wearing makeup, and this is ideal. The millions of layers we can now wear really helps with this - my sugar skull makeup is from La Boheme and actually comprises 3 individually tintable layers, which are available in various transparencies too, for a whole lot of color customization options. With it, in my face pic, you can see this amazing gold under-eye liner made by takagigraves, owner of Oleander, some years ago, and isn't actually available to buy. He mentioned it on Plurk as I was writing this and Iwaslike "OMGYAAAASSS" and politely demanded it and retook the one pic. I love the extra dimension it adds. 

My flower headbands are by Cosmic Dust and I completely love. My earrings are from Schadenfreude, from the Pearl Mori set. The top of my dress is from a halloween costume I was wearing, Ariel Day Dress by tinyOwl, but I thought it went well for the look I was going for here. The skirt is by Ugly Ducking, and is in two pieces, I ran into a friend wearing it and instantly hurried out to get it myself, in several colors. I have no shame. The tights are by Turducken, bought in a flurry of tights-excitement as the weather got colder, and my boots, oh man, I hope they release more of. They're by Dappers and Darlings at Limited 50, and are all Halloween-themed but they're so nicely made, I love them. The Materials on them is great. 

I didn't suddenly become good at decorating, my pictures were taken on-location where the party was, most of the stuff here is from New Trails and sadly no longer available. 


Hair: Lamb - True Love Waits 
Top: tinyOwl - Ariel Day Dress (TD applier)
Skirt: Ugly Duckling - Kitten Skirt - Night
Tights: Turducken - Skeletights - Black (TD applier)
Boots: Dappers and Darlings - Doc Halloween Boots - Swirls (@ Limited 50)
Headbands: Cosmic Dust - The Daisy Headband - Fireworks, Cosmic Dust - The Radiant Sun Headband - Lemon/Mango RARE (gacha)
Earrings: Schadenfreude - Pearl Mori earrings
Necklace: tinyOwl - Fairytale Necklace - Ariel 
Sugar skull makeup: La Boheme - Face Paint - Sugar Skull Blossoms 
Eyeliner: Oleander Cosmetics - Golden Underliner
Nails: AlaskaMetro - Metallic Pack Nail Polish - Classics/Gold (Omega applier)
Image 1: oOo Studio - 1920s two
Image 2: oOo Studio - 1940s Adrien 2 
(Basics credits to follow some time when I look more normal and actually write them up yay changes)

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