Wednesday, June 25, 2014

lotd250614 - Slink Physique is here and it's amazing!

Slink Physique, the highly anticipated fitted mesh body from Slink was released today, and just omg. It's so wonderful. I nearly cried when I tried it on. It's like, it's my shape but BETTER. With knees and a belly button and shoulder blades that aren't all pokey. It's so so so so so nice. I can't enthuse enough about it.
It has its limitations, for instance, you will pretty much NEED appliers for it, because there's no tinting, although it comes with a few nice tones. Pink Fuel hasn't released appliers yet, hence the choker I'm wearing to cover the very tiny seam. The only other problem about it for me is the alpha hud system, which hides out parts of the body. It needs like....more. I've found a lot of clothing, mostly strappy, which I can't get a good combination with. But with an inventory the size of mine, that's not too much of a sticking point!


Skin: Face: Pink Fuel - Harley - Crystal (past group gift) Body: Slink Physique Base Skin - Anise
Hair: Exile - Secret Summer - Rouge
Top: Osito - Strappy Top - Map
Shorts: Boom - Estate Shorts - Sunshine
Flip-flops: Slink - Aussie Thongs - Black
Choker: Room 34 - PacMan Choker
Nails: Envie - Summer Fun


This is Cooter. He is in absolutely no way relevant to this blog post. 

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