Sunday, May 10, 2015

Goodbye Cubby

I didn't used to own my house and land, it belonged to some people who let Subversive live with them. When I first started dating him in SL I would hang out there all the time, and eventually I set down a sleeping bag on the roof, where it wouldn't be in the way, because it became this running joke that I always fell asleep there, and so when I'd log out, it would be with Subversive, cuddling in the sleeping bag.
Eventually I gave up the house I was renting and went to live there with them all, and upgraded my sleeping bag to this self-contained cubby by the long-gone Corduroy, which was the envy of everyone, with all its places to sit and put pictures and crap. And so we were always hanging out on the roof in it. As time passed, I got less self-contained, and started putting stuff all over the house, and when the time came when the owners decided they weren't online enough to justify the expense of the land, after a few years, they gave it to me, and I took over the costs of it, and all the random wanderers we'd taken in to live there. And so the house mine, and the garden was mine, and the Cafe was mine, and the land I added to it was mine. But I always kept my Cubby there, my preserved "teenager" bedroom.

In my triennial revamp of the house, still the original house, same prims, just improved, it became clear to me that my Cubby, made of prims and occasional sculpts, just couldn't compete with all the mesh and materials I was throwing about, and I took the hard decision to take it down. The thing alone is 29 prims. Add in all the 2007 decor items I crammed it with? Nearly 90.

So here I am. Saying a fond farewell to my beloved Cubby. I will always remember you and the amazing years spent in your shadow.

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