Wednesday, April 29, 2015

lotd290415 - GTA Special!

I've been playing Grand Theft Auto V for the last few days, as is the craze on Plurk. I played it on PS3 when it first came out, although it's more accurate to say that I assisted my husband. I'm good at the tedious bits. Not so much at the shooty bits. So I'm progressing rather slowly in the story mode, and in Online mode....let's just say I got distracted by the tedious bits. Right now, I've been concentrating on leveling my character's stamina. By cycling around the map a bunch of times on a really expensive yellow bicycle. I know, I'm lame. 

For my look today, I have attempted to recreate to look of my character in the game, and I think I did an okay job. Second Life Nivaya is rather more polished than GTA Nivaya, she also is, um, rather less mannish, shall we say. Because my goodness do female player models in GTA have the broadest shoulders.

The easiest part of my outfit was the glasses, I knew I had some fantastic decorated vintage cateye glasses by Yummy from a few rounds back of Colabor88. Next, the red skinny jeans. I was sure I had something in my inventory, but nothing was quite the right shade. My GTA character's pants are very very red, I've spent enough time looking at them while she's cycling to know how red they are. The ones I eventually bought were from Sakide, whose skinny jeans I'm a big fan of and I know she doesn't wimp out on the bright colours. 

Surprisingly much harder to track down was a black and white striped tank. I would have thought it was a fairly basic item, but I tried all my old standbys for basics and all of them turned up nothing. On my search I found a lovely yellow bike to pose with! Eventually Tee*fy came close enough to what I was looking for, it wasn't full-length or racerback, but I filled the gaps in with an applier tank. Also surprisingly tough to find were just the right kind of skate shoes.

I didn't expect to find exactly the right hair, and I wasn't disappointed. My GTA character's hair is a frizzy disaster, but this hair by Ploom paired with the awesome group gift hairband from Magika I think I've featured here before. It's incredibly versatile, colour-change AND tintable.

The hardest part was the pizza tattoo my GTA character has. Such a thing does not exist in SL as far as I could find. I asked if anyone could quickly make me a custom one with a Slink Physique applier, but nobody was free to do that and then someone reminded me about the Slink Personal HUD, which allows you to make your own tattoos and the like for personal use. After a Google image search and an unspecified amount of time in Photoshop, I dropped my texture into the HUD, and here I am with a completely appropriate pizza tattoo, yay! 

After that, all that was left to do was the makeup, a simple enough task with an inventory like mine (I speculated her polish would be chipped), and a gun, which I know nothing about and the Marketplace furnished me with something that looked more or less correct. And there I was. More or less the same person! Hooray!


Hair: Ploom - Samantha
Top: Tee*fy - Basic Tucked Tank - Striped
Undershirt: Arise - Solid Tank - Grey (Slink Physique applier)
Pants: Sakide - Slim Jeans - Red
Shoes: Baiastice - London Sneakers - Canvas Black (gacha)
Glasses: Yummy - Ellery Glasses - Black 
Hairband: Magika - Headband
Gun: Arsenal Inc - 9mm Pistol
Bike: Toro - Racer Bicycle - Mustard (gacha)
Eyes: Wicked Peach - Winter Harvest 6
Lips: Nar Mattaru - Ember Lipstick - Classic Red
Nails: Action - Reckless
Tattoo: self-made for personal use (Slink Physique Applier)
Image 1: Everglow - Afternoon 07
Image 2: Repose - F BLADE 1
The Basics:
Skin: Pink Fuel - Doll v2 - Vamp
Eyes: Buzzeri - Lillian Eyes - Jade
Mesh Body: Slink - Physique 2.3
Ears: Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears - Season 5
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat (R) and Casual (L)
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet - Med
Hairbase: LeLutka Hairbase - Jessica
Freckles: Pekka - Dark Freckles + Star Upper Cheek
Lashes: Alaskametro - PrimLashes - Classic

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