Friday, March 23, 2012

I AM 5

Today is my 5th rezday. Which is frightening. That's half a decade I've been playing Second Life. When I started playing, ain't nobody was 5 years old.
Last time I wrote any kind of Rezday post was 3 years ago, over at my dear friend Persephone's blog, Dressing in Pixels. If you promise not to laugh at appearances, here it is - an origin story. Really there's nothing I can do if you DO laugh, so, y'know. Do so if you want.
So I'm spending it in a Finnish rock club where no-one but the owner speaks English, as you do when you speak only English. They seem like a nice enough bunch. It's weird and a bit humbling being the foreigner.

The fellow in this picture is not Finnish. He SUCKS. He's, I'm pretty sure, my oldest friend in Second Life. Or the person I've known longest, or something like that. There's a picture of me taken when I was 2 days old, with him in the background, looking quite different. Gigantic white feathery wings, he had. 2007 was a different time. *nods*

Anyway, he's a bitch because he deleted his account some 3 years ago. I machine gunned him down, on a stage, beforehand. It was very dramatic. But like two day ago, he shows up, all "I'M ALIVE AGAIN NOW" and I was happy. I've missed him. It's not every day you find a nice straight guy to be platonic friends with. So here's this nice picture of us, after I've fixed him up, and it's fun because he's like a noob, but not. For instance, he didn't know about Third Party Viewers. Crazy. But he knows how to put clothes on, and that's a step-up from a lot of people I help.

So, something about a mixing of the old and the new, there. I'm happy to see him again after 3 years, and we both look different than in that old photo.

Here's to another 5 years!

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