Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Rainbow Parts: Dandelion

I was all excited when I saw that Week 9 of Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color - Part Deux would be Dandelion. But I'd had to learn to love yellow.

I suppose you could call it positive reinforcement. Once, for some reason I've forgotten, I conversationally mentioned to hyasynth Tiramisu that she was lacking representation of yellow in her store. She said words to the effect of "Yes. Yes I am." and we left it there. Among my friends, and particularly among my friends who make pretty clothes, yellow, for the most part, isn't a colour that exists. After all, it's not the most gothalicious of colours. Hell, even orange has halloween on it's side to make it respectable to people of a dark-loving inclinaition. Yellow just has sunshine and baby chicks and daffodils. Between me whining to her and also Allegory Malaprop, I've gained a reputation as a shameful yellow-lover.

For the record, my favourite colours are green and purple.

But nonetheless, in the following time, I become the emblem of yellow. If spares from gachas were to be had, and they were yellow, they were sent to me, and even the occasional "Look, I even made a yellow one! For you!" while I graciously protested that my favourite colours were really green and purple, I just thought that yellow should exist. hya even named the lovely creamy yellow version of her Fox Trees wall stickers in my honour, which made me all grinny and happyfaced.
And then a funny thing happened. Between all of this, and my shopping for Hogwarts uniform (I never really got around to RPing at Hogwarts:Your Story, but I have such an extensive Hufflepuff wardrobe) I found myself actually voluntarily choosing the yellow option of things to buy. Or sighing sadly when I saw such a thing wasn't available.


These days, I will happily wear yellow, and how! It's a sort of badge of pride for me. All like "Yes, yes I do like yellow" and "I'll take that yellow one" and....well, that's it really, I'm not really the sort of person who obsesses over a colour, but dammit, I will own yellow! I was already pretty fail as a goth anyway.

So here I am! With my namesake'd Fox wall sticker. Any property I own is quite lavishly decorated with various silentsparrow wall stickers. This particular shot is in my shed/outhouse.

Despite my new-ish fondness for the colour yellow, "Dandelion" was a surprisingly tough assignment for me because it's quite a delicate shade of yellow, and everything I was coming up with was too vibrant or too orange or too green or didn't show up next to my skin. I bought a whole bunch of various yellow cardigans, but in the end fell back on fri.day's Short Cardi, which is a staple in my wardrobe. I have the fatpack of it, and not only does that include a whole bunch of colours, it also has several different sleeve options. I've paired it with JANE's Hadlee denim mesh mini skirt, Whippet and Buck's I'll Be a Ghost blouse (which actually I've mangled by not wearing the bow with it, but oh well) and silentsparrow's cuppycake stars socks from the gacha there. Because now, in small quantities, yellow does exist. :D

Here's a close-up of my face in the picture. I include it for a couple of reasons - firstly, because I like it, and it's my blog. Secondly, though, to show my awesome yellow makeup. It's currently in the group notices for MOCK Cosmetics, as well as the standalone lipcolour, and I adore it. It came about from some discussion in the group chat about lipgloss colours, and someone said something along the lines of "Anything but yellow" and Mocksoup Graves was all like "I'M MAKING YELLOW" and did and gave is to us as a present because while the group has a 250L join fee, if you like makeup, it's, no word of exaggeration, the best value on Second Life. Mock is super-incredibly-awesomeface generous with gifts to her group, sometimes sending out several exclusives a day, not to mention group rewards you can pick up in store. It's a very chatty group though. I cannot stress this enough. It's almost as much a social group as an update group, and a good one at that, really nice dynamic, good people, do love. If you don't like chat, you can always close it when it opens. 
I'm also wearing Beetlebones mesh lashes, because first, they're a DREAM to fit! but secondly, they have tintable tips! My historic favourite lashes have been Sin Skins, which are no longer available, but I've looked so much for tintable lashes that kept the most of the lash black, and just the tips tinted, and now I've found some lovely new up to date ones and squee <3

To drag this long post on even longer - Look how cute my nails are!! Just look at them! omg so cute! They're from one of the most recent of Sexy Mamas manicure sets, and I do love me so Sexy Mamas prim nails. They're a shape I like (not too pointy talon-y, not too long and square, just natural and pretty) and come in so very many HUD-based options, so in theory you could just keep the one pair of nails, and just change them with the various HUDs, and (and this is important for me) go up to hand size 30. Yes, I have gigantic hands. And so, look, chick nails! Little chicks popping out of eggs! Do Love. And at 199L per set, with 50 designs on each HUD, they're a fantastic bargain too! Hooray!

Skin: Tres Blah - Blessa - Pale - Clean
Hair: SLink - Sarah - Cardinal
Shirt: Whippet&Buck - I'll be a Ghost
Skirt: JANE - Hadlee mini skirt - Demin - Ebony
Cardigan: fri.day - Short Cardi - Cream
Socks: silentsparrow - Treats socks (Gacha) - Cuppycakes - Stars
Boots: Gos - Triumph boots - Massai
Necklace: Dark Mouse - Midsummer Amusements necklace - Dreamy Blue
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Plugs
Makeup: MOCK - Bright Sunshiney Day Lucir Makeover (group gift)
Nails: Sexy Mamas - Spring Manicure
Lashes: Beetlebones - Mesh Lashes - Minimalist Tintable
Wall Stickers: silentsparrow - Fox Woods - Nivaya (Summer pack)

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