Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekly Rainbow Parts: St Patrick's Blue

One of the notably fun things about being Englandish (other than being able to mangle the language like that with confidence) is that Ireland holds very little romance for me. They're literally just the guys next door, like France but not as frighteningly foreign. When my American in-laws expressed an interest in visiting Ireland when they were next over here, I was like "Why? It's  like here except smaller and with more charming accents and a less stable currency!". Consequentially, St Patrick's Day isn't that much of a big deal here, although admittedly more of a big deal than St George's day, but that probably has more to do with having an excuse for extra drunkenness than any particular affiliation with the Saint. And on top of it all I read this Cracked Article and decided not to put a particularly high priority on getting this 52 Weeks of Color post out in time for the 17th.

I'm all like, Top o' the bah, humbug, t'beshuure.

But seriously. What actually made this week tricky was that Wikipedia is maddeningly vague on what sort of shade of blue it is. It's more of an idealogical shade of blue than an actual one. No wonder leprechauns go for green, much easier to quantify. 
When I was doing "research" for my earlier Aquamarine post, I had occasion to go to Trap, to like, make sure they still exist. They do, and be sure to Search for "Trap Skins" or some sort of qualifier, rather than just "Trap", or else you should probably practice saying "Why, madam, what a cartoonishly gigantic penis you have" as nonchalantly as you possibly can when you wind up in futanari sim. If you don't know what that is, don't look it up, I pretty much just summed it up with that phrase up there.


On my way out, my eye was caught by this awesome sleeveless coat, because Trap actually make a whole host of stuff that isn't skins. Just...the thing I said above applies when talking about them. So, eye was caught by coat, wondered what colour to buy it in, settled on the blue, because it seemed suitably idealogical and adventurey and such. 
My favourite thing about it is actually the back, which I obviously didn't capture in the main picture, so here's an extra picture. It also shows more what the true colour of it is, without all my silly tinkering and messing around that I do with my pictures. See that braided effect that runs all the way down that back, including over the elegant sculpted wasitband? THAT is what I love most. Also, the shape of the shoulders, structured but not overly masculine. It's just generally a really nice coat thingy. Probably uncomfortable around the spiked collar that gives it its name though.

Once I had that chosen and in love with, everything else fell into place, incorporating various shades of blue that could count. The exquisite pants are from Lupine, an older silentsparrow Lucky Bird suite, which is still available to buy out in the courtyard, and the top is part of Sn@tch's new super classysexy Aurora lace Bodysuits, which are gorgeous, and I've been lookign for an excuse to cram into an outfit since I got them. And the boots tied it all together perfectly. They're the Flutter boots by Lassitude&Ennui, from last month's Back in Black event, and they're all mesh and feathery and wonderful. As much as I love mesh hair and...well, everything, I think my favourite game-changer from it has been how much more perfect boots can be now, and Lassitude&Ennui's mesh boots have become constant must-buys for me. 


Skin: Tres Blah - Blessa - Pale - Clean
Hair: RedMint - Hair 20 - RubyRed (Champagne)
Coat: Trap - Spiked Coat - Blue
Top: Sn@tch - Aurora Lace Bodysuit - Blue
Pants: silentsparrow - Lupine Jeans
Boots: Lassitude&Ennui - Flutter boots - Jay
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears 
Eyes: Mock - Demerara Shadow - Periwinkle
Lips: Mock - Lucir Lipcolor - Tall Poppy
Nails: Sexy Mamas - Glitter Manicure