Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stuff I bought at Fashion for Life 2012 - Part The Third

So, I'm not a big gown person. I'm neither a person of big gowns, or a person who is big on gowns. I think that pretty much covers every permutation of the phrase.
For a start, I'm not so good at elegant, oh my no. I end up doing stuff like wearing sneakers with them, or putting a cardigan over them, or holding a bunny, or something. It's my way. Secondly, they generally don't suit my shape well. I used to wear them a fair amount when I was hosting fashion shows, back in the day, but that's ancient history. But when wandering around Fashion For Life 2012, I found my eye variously caught by gowns, a whole genre of clothes I would normally overlook, and thought to myself "O hay, there's a whole genre of clothes I would normally overlook, boo" and went on a quest to find some that I liked, which I would post on the last day of Fashion For Life as like a...thing. Y'know. A thing.

And today is the last day of Fashion For Life! So, first of all, go there (before midnight SLT), go buy everything you can see, and for heavens sake, buy a pile of raffle tickets, there are tons of amazing prizes on offer, and tickets are 100L each or 3 for 250, all money going to the American Cancer Society and therefore, good causes. Also don't forget to pump lots of money into those wonderful gachas dotted around, and oh, all the things!

So anyway, I bought gowns. Here is one of them. This is the kind of thing I end up doing, you see. Knee-socks and sandals. I'm not dramatic. But this gown by Basiastice is. It comes with two different styles of skirt, this one, with the from all tulle and see-through, and the back forming a sort of bustle effect, and the other which has a more traditional, solid front. It is variously adorned with black roses, including the one tucked behind my ear there. I particularly adore the fact that it has delicate little straps, which seems to give the whole bodice a more sophisticated structure than if it was left strapless. The necklace and earrings are by Je Suis at FFL, and are endlessly customizeable and massively versatile. The aforementioned knee-socks and sandals are another bargain from Azoury at FFL, and I thoroughly dig that they don't match at all. As for my makeup, the barely-visible eyeshadow there is from the Mock gacha, and the very one that eluded me so much and caused me to throw literally thousands of L$ at it in an attempt to get it. It's worth it though, I loves it all up.

So for this second gown, from Purple Moon, I made the attempt to actually, like, look like a grown up. I literally had to "grow up", by making my legs quite a bit longer (for both of these dresses...so that's another way in which I'm not a big gown person, I'm mostly too short to not look super-weird in them), and filled out my boobs a bit in Photoshop. Since what I first liked about this dress was how the bodice was like strips of silk, cupping the boobs, but not looking even remotely skanky, and I was disappointed when on my no-boobs it didn't look as good...I'm really really not built for pretty gowns. This one is so fun though, with its epic feather collar, and puffy train. I also like the black lace insert at stomach level, which goes around to the back, and adds an extra layer of texture. If I was the sort of person who wore gowns, I'd go swishing around in this all over the place.

I'm not though, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make a last circuit of FFL and look for some cardigans.


Skin: Tres Blah - Blessa - Pale - Clean
Hair: elikatira - Listen - Red 8
Gown: Basiastice - Jordis in Dark Tulle (skirt version 2)
Shoes/socks: Azoury - Les Chaussures Aalyah Noire et Rouge (FFL Exclusive)
Necklace&Earrings: Je Suis - Eternelle (FFL Exclusive)
Eyemakeup: Mock - Amelia Pond eShadow (FFL Gacha)
Lips: Mock - Glace - Grenadier  (FFL Exclusive)

Skin: Tres Blah - Blessa - Pale - Clean
Hair: Exile - Queen Bee - Rouge
Gown: Purple Moon - Pheasant Gown in Purple (FFL Exclusive)
Eyemakeup: Mock - Androzani eShadow (FFL Gacha)
Lips: Mock - Glace - Turkish Rose (FFL Exclusive)
Nails: Sexy Mamas - Glitter Manicure

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