Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Rainbow Parts: Aquamarine

This picture is cursed, I swear.

Tres grumpy about the whole thing, I can tell you. Hence the slight lateness of this post. Grump and a big pile of flailing and yelling of "fgsfds". It seemed like such a nice, simple idea.
"My pretty eyes are Aquamarine" I thought to myself, upon learning that the current colour for Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color - Part Deux challenge was indeed it, and then I amended "My pretty eyes are treeflake, and all trees are Aquamarine when they become flake'd" and so I went to bother the maker of my eyes, Allegory Malaprop, for matching purposes. After talking about some stuff (because we are friends, and like each other, and discuss stuff other than business) she explained that in general she keeps her green out of her blues, but that the trim on an older outfit that she'd made as a collab with Trap skins might fit the bill, and Iwaslike "OKAYS" because I always want an excuse to wear that sort of thing, and it's a bit slinkier than I've been of late. Plus it's subtle like yum.

As I just mentioned (if you're paying attention), this outfit, Houxin, and its male/unisex counterpart, Bixin, were made in collaboration with Trap Skins a long time ago, but it, and the skins that go with, are still available and looking really fantastic considering their relative age.
Houxin is a long straight dress, held up mostly by magic. Its neckline plunges past the naval, and flares all out to be curly and heart-shaped and delicious under the bust. Hold up, I just (literally, just) realized that a Spade in cards is pretty much an inverted Heart with a stick. So it might be one of those - I don't know what to think anymore. Seriously, I'm all Conspiracy Keanu over it. Because there are Spades! Spades of Spades! All over the place on this dress and its sexy matching gloves! I just always considered them stylized hearts. Wow, I feel dumb now.


The point is, I was wearing this, and needed something to be doing in it, because it's a system skirt, and while there are very few people on the grid who make system skirts as well and flattering as Allegory can, it still limits posing styles some. Obviously in a dress like this I needed an old-timey microphone and then this pose was perfect and then I was playing with lighting and shadows and had it all perfect and quite honestly very sexy, with how the light was just highlighting the length of the exposed thigh, while everything else was artistically enrobed in shadow, and I was feeling all pleased with myself, and I opened up Photoshop, and - LOOK AT THIS MESS. Something to do with Ambient Occlusion or something had completely mangled how my shadows turned out, just the same as how it throws weird lines on pictures. Plus, my delicate little Violet Voltaire necklace wasn't showing up.

And it had done it with all the pictures I'd taken. And so I was cross and killed everybody.

When I came back a day or two later, having calmed down from being HOPPING MAD, I shoved the picture into Liquify in Photoshop to bash out some of the horrid avatar lumpiness, and when I'd got it all smooth and pretty, I was feeling a little better over the whole thing, and then for unrelated reasons, I hit Undo a couple of times, and lost all my Liquification and had to do it over, at which point Iwaslike GRUMBLY BOO. And just slapped on some background and called it done.


Skin: Tres Blah - Blessa - Pale - Clean
Hair: Burley - Liu - Red 2
Dress & Gloves: Schadenfreude - Houxin - Aqua
Shoes: Gos - Pimp Your Pumps V2 - Point Platform (from Fashion for Life)
Necklace: Violet Voltaire - Eternity Necklace - Aquamarine/Silver (not visible, but I was wearing it!)
Eyes: Mock - Bright Meadow eyeshadow
Lips: Mock - Turquoise Lip Jelle (old group gift)
Lashes: Beetlebones - Mesh Lashes - Minimalist Black
Nails: Sexy Mamas - Geeks & Freaks Manicure
Microphone Prop: (*chanimations - MidnightMuse

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